“The Genuine Flow”

Mel Montgomery’s new biography of

Mom and Dad Goodwin

is available now


8-1/2″ x 11″    240 pages    Softcover

Includes Comments or Endorsements by:

  • Dr. Ralph Wilkerson, Founder of Melodyland Christian Center
  • Dr. Kenneth Hagin Sr., Founder of Rhema Bible Training Center
  • Dr. Mark Roberts, Director of the Holy Spirit Research Center
  • Dr. Billye Brim, Prayer Mountain of the Ozarks
  • Rev. Pat Harrison, Founder of Faith Christian Fellowship
  • Mrs. Dodie Osteen, Co-Founder, Lakewood Church
  • Dr. Ed Dufresne, World Harvest Church
  • Rev. Marilyn Hickey, Co-Founder Orchard Road Christian Center
  • Dr. Larry Huggins, Founder, Commonwealth of Christ Ministries

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Sample Chapters of The Genuine Flow


In The Genuine Flow, Mel Montgomery presents the biographies and teachings of Mom and Dad Goodwin in the form of an instruction manual.


For the first time, the “inside story” is told in detail of the Goodwins’ contacts with Smith Wigglesworth, Howard Carter, Kenneth Hagin Sr., John Osteen, and others.


You read the Goodwins’ direct teachings reprinted in entirety from their series of books entitled the Entering the Spiritual House Series that have long been out of print.


Brother Mel also tells of the historic re-emergence of rare recordings by the Goodwins, F.F. Bosworth, Howard Carter, and others in recent years.


Mel shows the similarities in what was taught by the Goodwins and what was exemplified by the lives and ministries of:  Kathryn Kuhlman, F.F. Bosworth, Oral Roberts, Stanley Frodsham, Lester Sumrall, Howard Carter, David Du Plessis, Bishop C. H. Mason, T.L and Daisy Osborn, and others.

Direct Experience:

Mel Montgomery shares how he has applied the Goodwins’ teachings and examples as the Holy Spirit has used him in spiritual gifts and in prophetic ministry.

Personal Application:

Extensive instruction is given concerning how individuals, pastors, and local churches can begin flowing in the Holy Spirit, and how they can continue to develop in a balanced and biblical manner.

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